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      The sustainable Farming Programme (SFP) is a novel concept of sustainable agriculture, jointly initiated by Bayer, XAG and Rural Taobao. The project is open to global agricultural science and technology partners to participate in building pioneer farms around the world. The core value of SFP is to bring up next generation of agricultural professionals, to utilize new technologies, and to put forward-thinking into farming practice in order to provide a reliable supply of high-quality food in a sustainable way.
      Comprehensive CropScience Research Facilities
      We have the most comprehensive crop-science research facilities around the world, conducting cutting-edge agricultural research to benefit the mankind.
      Advanced Chemical Compound Engineering Capabilities
      We conduct the most advanced chemical research and development for thorough understanding of agricultural chemical compound applications and will continue to discover more novel blockbusters for crop protection.
      World Leading Drone Application Technologies
      We have world’s leading mapping and plant protection UAS to provide precise chemical spraying service for farmers. Achieving maximum production efficiency while reducing water consumption and chemical residue.
      Top Rated Agricultural Scientists and Experts
      We are able to provide in-depth farming management study results and insights, by agricultural scientists and experts of farming from around the world.
      Professional Farming Technical Support
      We are able to provide all-rounded farming technical support, including but not limited to seed selection, pest, disease and weed scouting, guidance on pesticide usage, product standardization and environmental protection. Other partners will provide accordant scientific guidance and professional services, making sure the whole process from farm to table is well looked after.
      24/7 Production Monitoring and Transparency
      We can make the food production processes traceable and transparent with the help of continuous IoT moni- toring systems. And conduct lab testing to make sure production meet international standards, eliminating food safety concerns.
      Sophisticated Consumer Big Data
      We will help accredited farms establish standardized products, upgrade their branding. Meanwhile provide them with consumer insights, strategic guidance on production and marketing docking, and food product supply chain services.
      Complete Supply Chain Network
      Integrating new retail model and supply chain network, we will break through area limitations of logistics and information, thus promoting direct supply and sales of SFP products.
      With the 3-year targets ahead, we’d like to invite professional partners from around the world to join this exciting, efficient, valuable, and sustainable adventure. Currently, professions needed include:
      • Crop Science
      • Crop Science
      • Crop Science
      • Crop Science
      • Intelligent
        Farming R&D
      • Agricultural
        Machinery R&D
      • Agricultural
        Aerial Application
      • Precision
      • Agri-Tech
        (Field Crops)
      • Agri-Tech
        (Horticultural Crops)
      • Agri-Tech
        (Nursery Stock)
      • Agricultural
        Testing (Lab)
      • Agri-Products Supply Chain
        (QC | Traceability | Logistics | Branding)
      • New Retail Channel
        (Online | Offline)
      Establish strategic collaborations with programme partners globally; establish trial protocols with demonstration farms around the world; develop business model with business partners.
      Demonstration farms achieve periodic goals; commercialize business model; establish Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) at demonstration farms; promote SOP of SFP worldwide.
      Demonstration farms achieve major progress; SFP starts global marketing; SOP helps significantly improve production efficiency; effectively reduce chemical consumption/waste; increase yield in a sustainable way.


      • 1
        Testing Advanced Crop Management Solutions
        We will test a series of newly developed crop management solutions, making the production process aligned to the long-term trends of the agricultural market and new science.
      • 2
        Establishing Standard Operation Protocol
        We will test and verify procedures of plant protection operations, in order to establish Standard Operation Protocol (SOP) for the indus-try.
      • 3
        Building High Performance Demonstration Farms
        We will set high standards for our SFP demonstration farms, so that it will become a well-known title accredited to qualified farms.
      • 4
        Producing Trustworthy Food Sustainably
        We will produce trustworthy food for consumers with traceability and transparency, making sure the production process is low consumption and eco-friendly.
      • 5
        Preserving Nature with Advanced Technologies
        We will use Plant Protection UAS and Sustainable Farming tools to help farmers preserving natural resources while achieving maximum agricultural efficiency.
      • 6
        SFP Community Support
        Our partners within the community will support utmost to other partners and farmers who meet SFP standards, include but not limited to business incentives, technical support, production guidance, joint marketing and distribution, etc.

      Event Agenda

      • Time
        Key Activity
      • 13:30
        Reception Begin
      • 14:00
        Opening Video
        Bayer & XAG & Rural Taobao
      • 14:05
        Opening Speech from Bayer
        Weidong Huang, Country Head, Greater China, Bayer CropScience
      • 14:10
        Opening Speech from XAG
        Bin Peng, Founder and CEO, XAG
      • 14:15
        Opening Speech from Rural Taobao
        Chongjun Tan, Deputy Dean of AliResearch Institute, Alibaba Group
      • 14:20
        Opening Speech from Industry Expert
        Dr. Clint Hoffmann, President, Prology Consulting Former Research Leader, USDA-Aerial Application Technology Research Unit
      • 14:25
        Signing Ceremony
        Bayer & XAG
      • 14:30
        Introduction of Sustainable Farming Programme
        Tong Lin, New Business Development Head, China, Bayer CropScience Justin Gong, Co-founder and Vice President, XAG
      • 15:10
        Tea Break
      • 15:25
        Bayer Innovation & Approach to Drone Application Technology
        Dr. Mathias Kremer Global Crop Strategies & Portfolio Management, Bayer CropScience Akihisa Oshima APAC Drone Application Technology Project lead, Bayer CropScience
      • 16:05
        Drone is a key to Smart Farming
        Bin Peng, Founder and President, XAG
      • 16:35
        Keynote Speech from Rural Taobao
        Zihan Gao, Operation Director of Rural Taobao, Alibaba Group
      • 16:50
        Panel Discussion
        Andre Kraide, Head of Marketing, APAC, Bayer CropScience Justin Gong, Co-founder and Vice President, XAG Prof., PhD. Erica Han, Scientist, National Center for International Collaboration Research on Precision Agricultural Aviation Pesticides Spraying Technology Chongjun Tan, Deputy Dean of AliResearch Institute, Alibaba Group Farmer Representatives
      • 17:30
        Media Q&A
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